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Everyone is an Athlete, Deserving a Massage

Before becoming a massage therapist I went to school for a semester to learn about becoming a personal trainer. I soon learned how much I did not fit into a gym environment, so I moved on to massage therapy (best decision of my life). However, I have always loved movement and have been fascinated by the way the body works to get us to where we are supposed to go. I have spent many hours working on athletes to help them reach their full potential, whether they were professional or not. This article is meant to shed light on how everyone is an athlete and why massage therapy is crucial to any athletic lifestyle. If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment please feel free to email me at or call (970) 241-1199

Everyone is an Athlete, Deserving a Massage


Understanding Deep Tissue Massage

I love helping my clients reach their most comfortable state and I believe deep tissue massage is the best way to help reach that potential is through deep tissue massage. I understand many people have a serious fear of deep tissue massage which is why I wrote this article. Hopefully it can shed some light for you on what deep tissue massage is and why it doesn't have to be feared. If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment please feel free to email me at or call (970) 241-1199

Understanding Deep Tissue Massage


Reflexology and How It Can Help

One of my favorite thing to do for my clients is to massage their feet. There are a multitude of benefits to working the feet, one of which is the available healing properties through Reflexology. Reflexology is "the manual manipulation of the [hands, feet, ears, and head] in order to stimulate, through subtle energy reflexes, the various parts of the body to promote health and wellbeing". In this blog post I go on to explain what reflexology is and how it helps. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please feel free to email me at or call (970) 241-1199

Reflexology and How It Can Help


Massage Assisting Parkinson's Disease

I have been familiar with Parkinson's Disease my whole life, as my grandmother has been living with it since shortly before I was born. I regret to say that I have only recently participated in a continuing education course and have studied up on how massage therapy may assist those living with Parkinson's Disease. However, with this knowledge I am looking forward to assisting patients in the future manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please feel free to email me at or call (970) 241-1199

Massage Assisting with Parkinson's Disease


Posture and Our Health

I understand that this situation may be beaten to death, however I believe this article will provide a fresh look at an old problem. Many of us suffer from poor posture, however I don't believe many of us understand how our posture affects our health. In the blog link below I have outlined what types of issues are caused by poor neck posture, if you have any questions or believe this article speaks to you specifically please email me at or call and make an appointment at (970) 241-1199

Posture and Our Health


Why include massage in ever self-care routine

I get asked all the time who should get a massage and my answer is always "everyone", I have had the pleasure of massaging individuals from every age and every walk of life. My blog linked below will help give you a generic reason as to why everyone deserves a massage, if you have any specific questions leave a comment or email me at and I will reply as soon as possible. 

Why include massage in every self-care routine


8 January 2018

There are innumerable benefits of massage therapy for a client, the benefits for the therapist, on the other hand, are not numbered or listed anywhere that I have found. I believe there is as much to be taken away from the massage for the therapist as there is for the client. One of the greatest benefits I have received as a therapist is a sensitivity for everyone I come across. I have the privilege to be informed of the ailments of my clients, both physical and emotional; many times I find myself surprised at how well people are doing despite the pain. I have learned to be patient with everyone because we are all going through something, no matter how we appear on the outside.

The next benefit I have found myself being on the receiving end is the awareness I have of my own physique as I work on my clients. As I pull and push and clients I am also focusing on how my body is doing in order to make sure I don’t cause myself harm. This self awareness has been able to be transferred to other aspects of my life and I can focus on my body while I am working out, lifting my son, and even laying down to go to sleep. Now I understand what can and will hurt my body if allowed to continue.

The final benefit I will discuss today is a respect for silence. I have a mix of clients who like to talk and share their experiences, and clients who want to be quiet and decompress during the massage. It is during these hours of silence that I find myself searching for something to think about to keep my mind off the time going by. However, it is during these hours of silence that I have learned to appreciate the silence that is so rare in a busy world. Silence is where we find ourselves and learn to be comfortable with who we are; it is where we come to love ourselves and our lives, however difficult.


3 January 2018

Good morning everyone!

I am Elisabeth Ross and I am the massage therapist at Grand Junction Chiropractic Center. I've been here for approximately 2 years at this point and absolutely love working here, in fact this is my longest running job I have ever had. I have been here so long because I love that I can assist the doctors here, and I have the greatest clientele any therapist could ask for. 

I got into massage therapy because I love helping people. I have always done everything I could to alleviate other peoples pain, I remember a time in middle school where I literally gave the coat off my back to warm my friend, who had forgotten their own. Massage therapy has provided me with a talent to ease physical pain, emotional turmoil, and for the most part, any general discomfort people may find themselves facing. 

I cannot express the joy I feel when a client leaves my office with a smile, unburdened with the ailment that brought them to see me in the first place. For this reason I work as hard as I can with every client, customizing each massage to provide the best treatment every time. 

If you believe I could help you, give GJCC a call and schedule an appointment. I look forward to traveling on a journey of self healing with you.