Grand Junction Chiropractic Massage
Getting the best out of life by coupling massage therapy with chiropractic care.



I'm Elisabeth Ross and I am the massage therapist at Grand Junction Chiropractic Center.

I want to help others help themselves move on from pain and come to a state of peace within themselves. Massage Therapy can be so much more than a luxury. It can bring about self awareness, mental well-being, internal peace, as well as many physical benefits. I strive to comfort those in need of comfort; my space is a safe space, my clients are welcomed to release their emotions here without fear of judgment or shame. 

There are many place in the world where turmoil exists, within our own selves is not where turmoil should be. If we take time to heal ourselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally, we can start to expel our inner turmoil and begin to heal ourselves, and the world.